S2 Web Services


We are a FULL-SERVICE web and IT support agency.


Established in 2007, S2 Web Services was built around the concept of "IT Guy for Hire". Servicing small to medium size businesses in the Omaha Area.  we can come in and do your wired and wireless networking, server moves, IOT devices etc... we do everything from build and maintain SEO friendly websites to promote, market and sell your brand. We also have experience in everything from setting up ecommerce solutions, implementing inventory systems to streamlining the shipping dock. Our modest fee scale and lasting results allow us to better utilize your budget, lowering customer aquisition costs and reaching more new customers.


Helping our customers prepare for the Mobile Boom


We have really been learning a lot regarding making pages not just mobile compatible but mobile friendly. Customers are interacting with technology completely differently these days, mobile phones make it possible to do things in ways that weren't previously thought of. Your site needs to be optimized for this mobile boom or you risk losing them to your competitor who did. It's usually very easy and once done, we can begin to target those mobile users through map ads and other techniques that will draw in mobile customers like never before.


We are always happy to discuss your needs


Please reach out to us if you are interested in our services. We are frequently booked out several weeks in advance but we are always interested in discussing and solving your IT pain points. like we always say... What can S2 Do for you??